Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Free Snowflake Melt & Pour Soap Bars Tutorial

As the weather is getting colder, I cannot help myself getting on the internet and finding projects I can do inside.  Here is a melt and pour soap project that appears on The Nova Studio website called Snowflake Melt & Pour Soap Bars.  This project has a really cool look to it by having layers of translucent pastel snowflakes that sparkle with shredded glitter, lying on a bed of shimmering snow white.  It is a really neat soap to make and give out during the holidays.

Monday, November 30, 2015

How to Resize Cold Process Soap Recipes

Since I have a four pound slab mold, I have always made a four pound batch of cold process soap plus that is what I learned when I took a class from The Nova Studio.  I always wondering about resizing a batch since I do have a three pound log mold that I purchased from Michaels long ago for that I was planning to use for melt and pour soap.  Now I want to use it for CP soap making.  I have mainly been using SoapQuick from Mission Peak Soap in Fremont and was wondering how I can resize it and still use imperial measurements.  I did find this posting from The Soap Queen called How to Resize Cold Process Soap Recipe discusses this by using a Lemon Poppyseed recipe.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

How to Make Rebatch Soap Balls

Do you have a stash of botched cold process bars of soap?  I have some.  I was wondering if there was a simple way to rebatch them new instead of throwing them away.  I saw in a newsletter from The Nova Studio that Debbie of SoapyLove fame has done a video called How to Make Rebatch Soap Balls. I watched the video and it was simple enough that I am planning to start rebatching the soap as soon as I have time.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Honey Beeswax Ornaments

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it is now time to focus on Christmas.  I saw this really neat ornament idea from Wholesale Supplies Plus called Honey Beeswax Ornaments.  These ornaments are sweet smelling and will will look beautiful hanging on any holiday tree.  Wholesale Supplies Plus says you can hang them from a window latch or add as a finishing touch on a special package or gift bag.  When it is time to take them down, store them in a cool and these ornaments should last for years.  This is an easy project that should take one hour to make (9) snowflakes and (13) bee ornaments.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Holiday Candy Rebatch Tutorial

To be honest I do not see many melt and pour soap rebatch tutorials, but I found this one from The Soap Queen which is truly appropriate for the holiday season.  It is called Holiday Candy Rebatch which is perfect for a beginner.  And I have previously ordered and used the Holiday Ribbon Fragrance and I totally love it.